The most effective way to teach a patient with a handout

The Internet has made it much easier for health care organizations to access and share patient education materials.  Handouts on all sorts of topics can be found, including some clearly written in non-technical terms patients can understand. Hospitals may also purchase packages of patient education materials from companies that add their personal brand on printouts.  Manufacturers of medications and equipment sometimes provide teaching materials on their products, too.

You may find the information you want to teach the patient is available to you in an appropriate printed format.  But that’s not enough, because paper doesn’t teach.  People do.  So how do you best teach with a handout?  This video, under 10 minutes long, gives you some tips:

If you don’t have 10 minutes to watch the video, you can scan the transcript here:

If you are looking for free, clearly written, expert-reviewed teaching materials, you might want to start at MedlinePlus.  (First check to make sure your organization’s policies allow you to use this site for handouts.)

Happy teaching!

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