Help patients know who to call for follow-up

Sometimes when discharging a patient, either from the hospital, same-day surgery, or clinic, you notice he or she
— may not remember who to call for follow-up
— may not keep the paperwork with follow-up information where he or she could find it
— may get confused by the number of specialists who need to follow-up
— may not recognize the importance of a follow-up appointment.

You see the risk for lack of follow-up. How can you intervene?
Ask the patient to take our his or her cell phone, and enter the telephone number in it now. This both ensures the patient has the number, and reinforces the importance of continuing care.

2 Responses to “Help patients know who to call for follow-up”

  1. Kim Hume says:

    How simple! I love it. we need to use the technology at hand to our advantage. This will work especially well with our younger populations, but for our older population, give them a hand. If they have a cell phone and give you permission, perhaps program the number for them.

  2. Great idea, Kim!

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