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When more senses are involved in learning, more connections are made to the information, facilitating retrieval.  This website is one way I disseminate the latest research on how to provide patient and family education.  I also spread this information by video, which involves additional senses.  Synergy Broadcast Systems produces a video series called Patient Educators Update.  In this series, Chuck Jones and I talk about a range of topics, including teach back, health literacy, and  learning needs assessments.

If you job is to train health care professionals in how to most effectively and efficiently provide patient and family education, you can use these videos to kickstart conversations.  Access is free.  If you want to learn more about anything I discuss in these videos, ask me for references.

I still hear colleagues say they have no time to teach.  But when you say that, you’re only opening yourself to one solution:  getting more time.  This is not always possible.  Instead, if you ask, “How can I more effectively and efficiently teach in the time I have?” research has some answers for you.  And these skills are not hard to learn.

We talk about moving toward an evidence-based practice.  Let’s apply the evidence to patient education, too. What an inexpensive, valuable contribution to Health Care Reform this would be!

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