Patient Education Emergencies

One thing I liked about my job as a Health Education Specialist was the fact that there were very few patient education emergencies.  Since teaching patients is integrated into all care, it’s part of planning for care.  Occasionally I had to produce a handout on an outbreak of an infectious disease, but that was it.

But there’s another kind of patient education emergency, caused by a natural disaster.  For example, persons with diabetes may have their insulin supply lost or damaged, and may be forced to use other types of insulin in an emergency.  What to do?

Well, Stephen W. Ponder MD, FAAP, CDE describes how he, with a team of experts, produced and are distributing free PDF handouts, Information for Health Care Professionals: Switching between Insulin Products in an Emergency in English and Spanish.  He suggests you print them, laminate them, and save them for an emergency when there is no electricity or Internet connection.  They are free to share.

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