Major challenge of a chronic condition

The nurse asked the patient what was the largest challenge she faced now that she was diagnosed with diabetes. Her response, “Having a doctor who listens.”

Her largest challenge was not fear. Not self-care skills. Not worry about what the future holds.
It was having a doctor who listens.

Do not underestimate the value of listening.

If they know you listen and understand, and they believe your interventions are individualized to meet their specific needs, they can better cope. But if they think you do not hear them, if you belittle their concerns, they may think your diagnosis is not correct or your treatment is not appropriate. If they have doubts about your diagnosis or treatments, they may not follow your instructions, which could have an impact on health outcomes.

Yes, their adherence to treatment may be related to their perception that you don’t listen. So if you use teach back and know your instructions are understood, and you still have a problem with patients not following your instructions, look at your active listening skills.

Once again, it comes back to assessment. Patients want to know, “Can you hear me now?”

©2017 Fran London, MS, RN

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  1. Jane says:

    good education it all comes to listening and respect

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