Before you teach patient education skills to health care professionals. . .

A colleague asked, “Anyone have or can point me to a curriculum outline or manual for teaching patient ed skills to nurses or APCs?”

It may sound self-serving, but you might want to use my book No Time to Teach: The Essence of Patient and Family Education for Health Care Providers (2016) as a base to create your curriculum. It summarizes the research in patient education and offers practical advice on how to apply it to practice, so teaching can be most efficient and effective. The book is available from my website and Amazon, in paperback and Kindle versions.

The key patient education skills are:
— Assessment (listening for learning needs, health literacy skills, and teachable moments)
— Individualizing teaching to the needs of the learner
— Involving the learner in the process
— Evaluating understanding through teach back
— Reteaching in another way, as necessary, until the learner understands and can apply the information.

The key topics to teach patients are:
— answering questions
— informed consent
— self care skills
— how to recognize problems and how to respond

I have also published an online program on Using Teach-Back in Patient Education at
The audio can be downloaded from that URL for free. Or, you could register and get the course contents for free. It will cost $12 to earn 1 contact hour, unless you are a subscriber.

Once you know the most important content to share, build your class or course in the style that works in your organization. Happy Teaching!

© 2016, Fran London, MS, RN

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